Safe Keeping And Storage Solutions

We understand the challenges that companies face when securely storing their documents.

Many of your documents are legally required to be retained for many years.

These documents can take up valuable space and time for your business when ensuring they are securely stored and recorded.

By securely storing your documents offsite with Swift And Ships Storage, we can take away all the stress and save you time whilst keeping your documents accessible, safe and secure.

Safe Keeping And Storage Solutions

If you have valuables that require a secure location, Swift and Ship storage unit can handle that for you. The multiple deterrents at our secured storage facilities such as strong vault, security cameras, controlled access and sturdy locks 24 hours a day to enhance security.

Swift and Ships security Vault provides a specialist safety deposit box service for the safe keeping of your assets such as gold, diamond, jewellery, media,coins,birth certificates,passports, back-up devices, collectable, wills and lease documents,precious metals or other items securely.

Opening a safety deposit box with Swift and Ships  is easier and more cost effective than you may think.

By leasing a safety deposit box with Swift And Ships security you will have peace of mind that your valuables are secure and out of harm’s way. Storing valuables at home or at your workplace leaves you vulnerable to theft and many other risks outside of your control. Our strict security protocols and our state-of-the-art facilities ensure that your valuables will be protected.

Both our Basic and Premium grade vaults are conveniently located in the central business districts for when you need to access your safety deposit box.

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Our security promise

Swift And Ships recognize that the security of your documents is critical and it is our number one concern and priority when archiving your documents.

Using our storage not only frees up space and time, it also offers enhanced protection for you and your clients private documents. Throughout the process we have the utmost strictly regulated security measures at all times.

Our robust, high tensile, security sealed boxes, with tamper proof tags not only employ a very high level of security but the boxes are not affected by moisture or damp and therefore keep your documents safe from any potential damage and completely safeguarded from the elements. This extremely durable storage option provides our clients with peace of mind and eliminates concerns about the safety and security of their documents. We are the only company in the UK that offers this level of security.